Fostering Collaboration for a Brighter Future Join our Partnership Program

We welcome organizations and professionals to collaborate with us in shaping a brighter tomorrow. Explore the possibilities:


Business Executives

Leverage our consultation and solutions to meet your business and client needs.



Partner with us to support your clients and accelerate your business growth.


Project Managers

Tap into our extended team for project support and value delivery to your clients.



Collaborate with us to harness the collective expertise of our team, adding value for your clients.


Digital Agencies

Outsource projects, and enhance value for your clients through our partnership.


Resource Augmentation

If resource augmentation is your game, partner with us to amplify your capabilities.


Marketing Agencies

Join forces with us to enhance client support and expedite the expansion of your business.

How do we get started

Here's a brief elaboration on each of the steps to follow to start partnering with us.

process Processing 1/4

Fill out a form

Please turn in a fully filled-out form containing the necessary details requested from our prospective collaborators.

process Processing 2/4

Attend an interview

During the interview, please share your pertinent background and elaborate on your motivations for seeking a partnership with Woxro.

process Processing 3/4

Receive a finalized proposal

Receive a distinctive collaboration proposal, inclusive of all terms and conditions, subject to negotiation and individual agreement.

process Processing 4/4

Welcome to Woxro

Congratulations! You are now a part of the Woxro community. Let's collaborate towards our shared objectives.

If you have suitable prospects in mind and would like to partner with a large outsourcing IT company, let's get in touch.

How our partners work



Develop your sales strategies in collaboration with a dedicated Partnership Manager, tasked with providing guidance and addressing any inquiries you may have.



Gain entry to our CRM and other internal platforms to facilitate your inaugural sale, with assistance from Woxro's sales and marketing team.


Visit our HQ

Following your second successful sale, we cordially invite you to our head office at Infopark Koratty to familiarize yourself with our management and team. This serves as a foundational step towards fostering continued collaboration and the expansion of your commissions.


Our Works

Projects (124+)

To achieve and maintain high standards we are committed to investing in the most talented IT support specialists in India, with the experience, creativity, and qualifications to exceed the highest expectations. We are known for our works and we hope you enjoy looking at some of our recent works.

Committed to Excellence with Top IT Talent in India. We are known for our works and we hope you enjoy looking at some of our recent works.